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NSE Membership Registration – The Step by Step Processes


Yes, as a way of addressing some basic and regular questions from those intending to join NSE, and ultimately the COREN, permit to address them here.

Herein are very simplified step by step processes that you can read carefully.

Recall that membership of NSE is classified into the following:

Student Members – for University Engineering Undergraduates.

Registration can simply be done online. They are expected to be attending their school’s Student Chapter and/or nearest Branch. They can attend National Conferences and participate in the Young Engineers Forum of Nigeria (YEFoN) sessions during the Conference. Online Registration Fee of N1,100 is applicable.


Graduate Members

This is for Engineering Graduates that have less than 4 years post-graduation engineering experience or simply those who have not undertaken the Corporate Membership. Registration is online, and about N2,500 Registration Fee is applicable. Just like for Students, no exam is required. It gives them the opportunity to participate in Branch activities and in YEFoN during Conferences. Such participation may give them about 5 points during Corporate Membership registarion exams.


Corporate Members

This is the main membership of NSE. Corporate Members are mostly referred to as just Members. Registration for Corporate Membership involves series of processes. It’s the Corporate Membership that qualifies one to register with COREN.

I will talk about the process of registration in a moment.



These are simply super Corporate Members. There are conditions for one to attain the status of a Fellow. Those conditions are not important for this discussion, but are available on the NSE website –  Fellows attach the suffix “FNSE” to their names.


Associate Membership

This class of members didn’t study engineering, but related Science Courses, and have been contributing effectively in the engineering profession, in practice, for a minimum of 5 years.



Now, back to Corporate Membership Registration Processes:

There are different routes of registering as a Corporate Member, with each leading to the same result – becoming a Corporate Member. The difference is on some conditions waved for people with certain level of experience and age. The following Categories exist for Corporate Membership Registration:

A1 are those seeking registration but are already COREN Registered Engineers.

A2 are for those who are Chartered Engineers – the UK/US equivalent of COREN.

A1 and A2 candidates are not subjected to any exam/interview. They only need register, paying all that’s required of them; and they can apply at any time of the year.


B1 are B.Eng/B.Tech/B.Sc graduates with a minimum of 4 years post-graduation engineering experience.


B2 are HND graduates + PGD in same engineering discipline; have at least 4 years post HND graduation experience and at least 2 years post PGD experience. (COREN has also announced plans to make M.Eng the minimum requirement for this category of persons to register).


Both B1 and B2 undergo the same processes for registration – relatively rigorous!

B1/B2 will write and submit a Report of Engineering Experience; and sit for series of examinations:

Part 1 – Oral Defense of Report, Technical Essay (drawn from the Report submitted)

Part 2 – Objectives, Computer and National Essay


C1 Category

This is referred to as the Matured Route. In addition to the qualification to either B1/B2, the person must have at least 10 years engineering experience and be up to 40 years of age. This Category is less stressful but they also pay a little higher.

C1 Categories will write and submit a Report of their engineering experience and sit for an oral interview only. There’s no written exam for them!

Note: Those qualified for C1 can still decide to follow the B1/B2 route, if they so wish.



C2 Category

This is commonly referred to as the Presidential Route. They will not sit for any exam, but have Presidential Interview with the NSE President or his representatives. Even Report submission may or may not be needed.

Qualification for C2 is that the person must have got the basic qualification of either B1 or B2; have acquired at least 15 years of engineering experience; and is up to 45 years of age.

C2 candidates simply need to liaise with their Branch for necessary documentation and scheduling of interview.

Remember their fee is also “presidential” in magnitude!


Financial Implications

Yes, NSE Corporate Membership Registration requires series of payments. One need to ask questions properly, and never assume that the 20k that you may see online at the onset is all that may be required!


For B1/B2 Candidates, the following payments may be required:

  • Online Application Fee – N20,000 – to be paid online . This goes to NSE HQ
  • Formal Registration with NSE Branch nearest to you. Branch Registrations may vary from Branch to Branch. Ikeja Branch, for instance would require about N11,000, which may include souvenirs.
  • Formal Registration with your Division – Materials, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, etc. This will also require money – about N20,000 or less or more for most Divisions.
  • Some Branches/Divisions do organise a Seminar to prepare the candidates. Though not always compulsory, but encouraged. The cost of such Preparatory Seminar is between N10,000 to N20,000, depending on the Branch/Division or location.
  • Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE) – a 3 day refresher Course organised by NSE HQ for all prospective Corporate Members. The cost for this is presently N30,000, payable online at the appropriate time.
  • When successful in the Interview/Examinations, and Elected as a Corporate Member, there’s also a payment of N56,300 (or N61,300 for those graduation is up to 10 years) called Election Fee. This is also payable online.
  • Induction Fee – Most Branches do organise Induction Ceremony for successful candidates. Expectedly the Certificates are released to candidates during this Induction Ceremony. Thus many Branches require about N20,000 to N30,000 from candidates for this. Find out exact figure for your Branch.
  • At this point, the litany of payments have ended. You will only be required to be paying an Annual Subscription of N9,000 to remain up-to-date!



For C1 Candidates, the following payments may be required:

  • Application Fee online – N70,00 – payable online.
  • Formal Registration with NSE Branch nearest to you. This fee required of them for formal registration with the Branch is usually also higher than that of B1/B2.
  • Formal Registration with your Division – Materials, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, etc. Some Divisions also require higher amounts from C1 candidates than from as B1 and B2.
  • The Branch/Division preparatory Seminars may also be useful for them, even though they won’t sit for any exam, but as they will also submit Report of Engineering Experience and defend same,  of Engineering Experience.
  • Continuing Professional Education for Executive Engineers (CoPEEE) – a 2 day mandatory Seminar for all C1 candidates. This is organised by NSE HQ, and attract a fee of N50,000
  • When successful and Elected as a Corporate Member, there’s a payment of N61,300 called Election Fee. This is payable online as well.
  • Induction Fee – Remember, Induction is at the Branch. It may attract payment for C1 if not already included in their Branch Registration.
  • Annual Subscription of N9,000 to remain up-to-date also applies.


 More Information about Registration

The Corporate Membership Application is now open every quarter. So in essence, one can register at any time.

Note that as it may be called February Diet, for instance, does not mean you will be making the Application in February. The Application will be open as early as December, but the processes will span through February. Kindly visit the website often and attend your Branch/Divisions meetings to be aware of deadlines.

Registration is entirely online, but there are two hard copy forms – a page each, that you will download, fill diligently and carefully, and upload on your Account.

These Forms are called:

  1. Acknowledgement Form; and
  2. Statement of Experience Form


Filling of the Acknowledgement Form

This Form has 2 sections: That’s sections for Branch Chairman and Division Chairman to sign, after duly registering with the Branch/Division


Filling of the Statement of Experience Form

Here, you simply and briefly list your experience – name and place of project, date, your role, and cost. Very importantly, this Form must be endorsed by a COREN Registered Engineer.

Upon completion of the Acknowledgement Form and Statement of Experience Form, you will be required to upload same in your portal – along with other credentials.

Please note that ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES are what should be uploaded. Statement of Result will not be accepted! Ensure you have got the original certificates beforehand. Otherwise only Transcript sent by your institution directly to NSE can serve as a substitute for Original Certificate.

Those that have Foreign Certificates are advised to apply early enough, as verification of the certificates are sometimes required.


Additional Information of Registration

Proposers – While completing your information online, there is a place to enter the NSE Membership Registration Numbers of 2 Proposers. Kindly ensure that such persons are financially up-to-date! You may not be allowed to change them after submission; and your application may be delayed in the event that any of them is in debt, until the debt is cleared. Please confirm and reconfirm that they are OK!


Attendance to Meetings

Attendance to Branch Meetings are open for both registered and intending members. Students and Graduate Members are also eligible to attend meetings. Participation in Branch activities and meetings will give you access to much more information that will enhance professional development.


Dear Young Engineers,

Mostly importantly, I write to my fellow Young Engineers, not to run away from the activities of NSE after undergoing the above rigorous processes of becoming a member. Try and be active so as to make some impacts. If we keep paying deaf ears, then we shall perpetually complain that those grey hair Engineers are not performing satisfactorily well in developing this our noble profession.

As much as your work would allow you, kindly participate; hold offices, attend conference, network. Perhaps things can take shape someday, counting on your little efforts.

Just imagine how our counterparts in the Medical Profession uphold at a very high esteem their own profession. Forget that many things have gone wrong, and wrong, and wrong in Engineering. The status can change someday with some collective efforts by concerned Young Engineers, you inclusive!


COREN Registration

There’s nothing much to talk here. Once you’ve got your NSE, you simply need to apply; no other exam is required! COREN Application Fee is purely Online; a user friendly website and almost a real time update on the progress of your registration.

Note that there’s also the Proposer and Experience Forms for COREN registration; upload necessary documents – including NSE Certificate, Degree Certificates, a  maximum of three pages summary of the Report of your Engineering Experience.

You’re will also be required to order your school to forward your Transcript directly to COREN – either by Courier or via e-mail. For more, visit the COREN website

COREN Application Fee is only N12,000; while you pay about N38,500 for Full Registration – certificate, stamp, seal – when the Council approves your name. COREN Approval is quarterly – March, June, September and December. Thus application is continuous. Your approval will only come when you have met the necessary conditions within any the Quarters.


For additional information, kindly consult the NSE/COREN websites or the NSE Branches nearest to you.


Thank you very much for going through the above long talks.




Compiled by:

Tobias Ikenna Odo, MNSE

B.Eng Metallurgical & Materials Engineering


You may visit the Branch Secretariat for more:

@Ralph Alabi Engineering Centre

Plot 32, Ob-Ogunji Road, Beside Forte Oil Filling Station, via Pen-Cinema, Ogba-Agege, Lagos



This above article was first published on the bellow Telegram Channel:

Feel free to visit the channel.

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    Thank you for this helpful ‘long talk’. Please I’m a graduate member of NSE, and once in a while attend monthly meeting of NSE Ikeja branch. What are the required documents needed to certify my membership the Ikeja branch/division?

    1. Thanks for your continued interest in the Branch!
      We hope to seeing more of your active participation.

  2. Sincerely sir, you have done a great job with this very clean and clear expository writing.
    This will actually and definitely afford we, the potential registrant, the opportunity to know how to adequately prepare for the task.
    More blessings sir.

  3. Sincerely sir, you have done a great job with this very clean and clear expository writing. but if I may ask I study pure and applied physics and I am presently working as an Engineer in electrical field. can I join the association?

  4. Having obtained the following, what grade of membership can objectively apply for? Part3 cert. in Auto Tech, C&G, Lond, PGD mgt, Unical, MTP, Transport Lasu, MSc Auto Tech/Edu, Ghana, BSc Auto Tech Edu, Tasued, local and overseas trainings in Auto Tech &plants, close to 25yrs of industry practice and Adjunct lecturing, now a Doctoral student in Auto Tech/ Edu. Thanks for prompt response


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    Engr. Abdullateef. O. Ibrahim says:

    Thanks for the information Sir. please what is the financial implication for the people who want to register under categories A1 and A2?

  6. Please must my school forward my PGD transcript to coren even when i have my certificate before i can be coren registered

    1. You need your PGD certificate to be presented during COREN interview. No need of transcript as it won’t be honored by COREN


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    Jimoh Amidu Olanrewaju says:

    The information is quite explicit. Sir, is it possible to count of the years of post HND working experience period, say 10 years, before one gets a university degree and at same time apply for NSE registration?