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Welcome to the Year 2021


Dear esteemed colleagues,


Welcome to Year 2021


It’s again the turn of a new year and we can indeed be very hopeful this year shall be a year of restoration and exploits.


The world, smarting from the onslaught of COVID-19 with its impacts on health, economy and social well-being, will be looking forward to restoring normalcy and harnessing the possibilities of the new normal to build better.


This calls for a great deal of commitment and hardwork from professionals and we must be challenged to play our part in our immediate environment.


We restate the commitment of the Branch Executive Committee to sustaining the legacy of building a viable Engineering culture by continuing to make the Branch a value center for members and an influential corporate citizen.


We will be moving to the Execution phases of our novel initiatives, namely the Online Engineering Resources Portal (OERP), the Engineering Innovation Hub (EIH), the Strategic Partnership Enabling Engineering Development (SPEED) and the Lagos State Engineering State Compendium (LSESC); even as we remain vehemently resolute to sustaining, completing and reinventing all existing systems, projects, processes and initiatives as the case may be.


More fundamentally, we recognize the important place of every single individual as there’s no Branch without each and everyone of us. The Branch will therefore be committed to supporting and working together with each member this year every step of the way to get better, recognizing that it is as we each get better that we collectively get better.


We must each therefore set out in the new year with great hope and intense aspiration for new possibilities irrespective of what we may have passed through in the immediate past.


It’s a new year, let’s set out with a new hope of greater days ahead as we work together to individually get better, accomplish new things and lift our profession to new heights of impactful contributions towards making Nigeria and the world a better place to live in.


Welcome to 2021, esteemed colleagues and cheers 🥂 to a year of renewed hope, restoration, exploits, accomplishments and new possibilities!!!


Please extend my wishes to your lovely đź’• families.


Engr. Tosin Ogunmola


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